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Let us enter into a productive communication about what must be done to prepare

the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This great event is the subject of this website and also of


my first volume of poetry which appeared in 1976 and was translated in 2018 by Hilary Teske, a professional translator.

Here it is:



Let us be calm

in view of things

that are to come!


Let us close our eyes

so that we do not err

and learn to see!


Let us endure

until the great end comes

and the waves subside

before the breeze

from seaside wafting!




Hardcover, 96 pages , ISBN 978-3-740730-659,

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Reviews and Comments


Here is the review of a scientific specialist in German studies who only analysed the German version. This is the translation of the summary of her long review in German:

“A volume of poetry that reveals the beauty of its structure only in a repeated reading but then it should be possible for the attentive reader to find in all these poems his fears as well as his hopes, but also his tasks.

(Prof. Dr. Sigrid Lichtenberger, University of Saarland, Department of German Studies, 1988)


The review of a professional interpreter in both languages:

'Come' has accompanied me for weeks - always also in the cross reading of the German version - and has appealed very strongly. Hilary Reske is a brilliant translator. Her extraordinary linguistic and poetic talent lets the poems often appear less like a translation, but more as a work that could stand on its own. The presentation of the volume is  beautifully done: whether it's the format or the way the book feels  both on the outside and when leafing through it or the attractive graphic design. The poems will certainly appeal to Christian readers first… Language and images make an exciting and challenging reading and inspire reflection. I would imagine that 'Come' will also appeal to German readers, who enjoy English literature, such as those who enjoy Carol Lynn Pearson's books.

(Jürgen  Fischer, Interpreter, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2020) 


It is great to have already the review of an American reader:

A reader approaching Bruno Johannson's volume of poems, Come, might do well to consider his own humble photograph on its cover. A placid sea and an ordinary sky soon reveal dynamic and interconnecting forces leaving traces of infinite details in light, shadow, and color on the  water and clouds above. The beautiful image may hint at the coming poems ahead; for they too make use of the simplest forms to hint at life's complexities, and our deepest human longing to comprehend what seems to be hopelessly incomprehensible. Mr. Johannsson knows what it is to flounder. And when we read his poems, we can be glad of this, because he speaks for all of us who flounder, taking us to his quiet places, "a little lower than the angels", where confusions are valued and the answers we keep demanding matter less than celebrating the sacred riddles themselves. These verses speak to any heart that longs for a better world and dares to have faith in a spiritual future.

(Darl Mangelson, Chicago Illinois, 2020)



Finally here are some impressions of Carol Lynn Pearson, a well known American LDS writer


Many of the poems are very moving, giving us rich images and ethical imperatives. I appreciated the compassionate clarity in a poem such as “When again?—and the segment:

“Who was not once in danger

of burning out?

But a friend was there

and we glowed once more.”


Some images surprised and intrigued me, such as:

“Daily routine is still groaning

in the woodwork.”


I appreciate the optimism in the lines:

“The new shore shines.

Joyful you go ashore.”


And the reverent celebration of the

“. . . feasts

that outshine

the workday

until it completely melts

in Sunday!”



(Carol Lynn Pearson California, USA, 2021)










The poems of this volume are specially organized, so that the contents is a poem in itself.



The poem of poems



            Man by the sea,                                                      

            Planted by God,                                                     

            Under the pressure of evil powers,                      

            Sinner and saint,                                                

            Drunk with Thy wine,                                             




            When do I rise up?                                                

            How can I serve?                                                   

            A good shepherd I want to be..                            



            In vain?                                                                    

            Are we sick?                                                            

            Failed existence?                                                   


            What is playing?                                                    

            Are we rid of God?                                                 

            Does hope remain?                                                           

            Will I find again?                                                    

            Again and again?                                                  

            What should I do?                                                  

            Are we at the end?                                                 

            When at last?                                                          

            When again?                                                                    


            Whom does Earth need?                                      

            Who knows when?                                                

            Who might hinder it?                                             



            End of a winter night.                                            

            A new day breaks.                                                 

            In pregnant nights one night will be.                  

            He will help you.                                                    

            Joyful you go ashore.                                            

            Breakthrough successful.                                    

            Joy in cell 7 777 777.                                             

            Everything gleams.                                                

            A breath unites you.                                              

            Old days shine in.                                                  

            Something new is born.                                        

            The stadium is already beckoning.                     

            One thing is lacking only.                                     

            Endless in the end.                                               

            On the high seas Zion will rock.                          

            A blaze is sparked.                                                 

            A Man will come.                                                    

            A Prince draws near.                                             

            From freedom to freedom.                                    

            The Lord will reign.                                                

            The very best wine is His blessing divine.       




            Listen to the signals!                                             

            Turn around!                                                                       


            Come near!                                                             

            Forward to life!                                                        

            Roll on!                                                                    

            Labor in small things!                                            

            Men ye must be!                                                     

            Take courage!                                                         

            Romp around!                                                         

            Judge yourself and comfort your fellowman!    

            Sow into this time!                                                  

            Love in life!                                                              

            Brave that!                                                               

            Let your spirit be high!                                           

            Be calm and see and endure!                             

            Never leave!                                                            

            Celebrate the feast!                                              


Reading Samples


Man by the sea



My eyes are built into the sea,

drinking and raining into its expanse.


There is the great yearning

of my heart:

peace and harmony in God.


It embraces all the minor yearnings

of my heart.


It moves me to tears.


My tears roll up my beach

and slide back into the sea.





When at last?



When at last

will flickering flames of war

go out?


When at last

will the trembling quake of Earth



When at last

will the fat and rich nations

give help?


When at last

will iron gates of prisons



When at last

will the nations

close ranks

for the feast

which only a few

believe in

but yet so many

long for?





Who knows when?



Nobody knows

when the war will start

which will finally end

the quarrels and battles

of men.


Nobody knows

when the gate will open

which will finally lead

to the kingdom and presence

of God.


Nobody knows?


Someone knows .


Oh, my Father!

Thou knowest.





In pregnant nights one night will be



When certain birds are singing

spring is near.

When you awake at night,

because buds are springing,

you remember why:

In pregnant nights

one night there was

in which you leapt

and burst out to day,

shouting wildly

because of lost security.


When certain songs are heard,

Jesus will come.

When you awake at night

because angels chant

you remember why:

In pregnant nights

one night will be

in which you sing

and will be brought to light

smiling sweetly

because of regained security.





On the high seas Zion will rock



The tears of the deeply moved

will flood the deserts of the earth.

The laughter of the freed

will plumb oceans in oases.


The senile elderly

will cherish youthful dreams.

The stormy youth

will cultivate old love.


Zion will rock

on the high seas

as Jesus once did

so gently in Bethlehem


on the day of the Lord.





A man will come



It is good when

        the dead bury the dead,

        the weak support the weak,

        the sick nurse the sick

        the cripples drive the cripples

        the deaf teach the deaf

        the blind lead the blind,

        the poor feed the poor.


But a man will come

and many with him

and they are already on the way

and they will be









and will make


        the poor to abound,

        the blind to see,

        the deaf to hear,

        the lame to walk,

        the weak to brim,

        the dead to rise




        the living holy,

        the brimming gracious,

        the laughing pure,

        the walking busy,

        the hearing obedient,

        the seeing intelligent.

        the abounding wise.